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Frauke Finsterwalder is a director from Germany with a masters degree in directing from renowned Munich School of Film and Television (HFF).  


Before film school she majored in history, literature and Japanese studies at Humboldt University in Berlin, worked as an assistant director in theaters as well as an editor for the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. She wrote dramas as a teenager and directed them, made short films and sang in an underground punk band in Berlin.


Frauke has lived in many places around the world, moving from Germany to the US as a high school student and later on to Argentina, Kenya, Italy, Los Angeles and now India.


Her first feature "Finsterworld" has won numerous international awards and was nominated for 5 German Academy awards (won 1). It was widely released in movie theaters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2013/2014. 


Frauke recently moved to India  were she is working on her second feature film SISI - EMPRESS ELISABETH (WT).



- Finsterworld (2013)



- Expedition Heimat (2005)

- Total Control can be the Death of a Man`s work (2007)

- Because a Man is Human  (2008)

- The Great Pyramid (2009)



- Grenzkämpfe (2002)

- 0,003 Km (2005)



- Who Made Who - Shake Your Boat (2006)



- Schulkrieg  (Social Spot, 2003)

- Mercedes Benz - MCB Museum (2007)

- Heidelberger Druckmaschinen - Jack in the Box (2008)

- Porsche - Porsche Intensiv (2008)

- Kiepenheuer & Witsch - Christian Kracht book trailer (2008)






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